Will Savino

Composer / Pianist / Producer

Concert Works

Title Duration Instrumentation Year Score Available? Description
Dry Heat 5 minutes Soprano Saxophone and Piano 2017 Challening, jazz, duet with rich harmonies and exciting rhythmic energy
UnControl 25 minutes Tenor / Soprano Saxophone, narrator, and fixed media 2017 A surprising mix of a one-man performance piece and electroacoustic concert music
Guided Meditation 8 minutes Snare drum and fixed media 2017 Snare drummer interrupts a guided meditation, but the meditator fights back.
Convulsion Compulsions 3 minutes Brass Quintet and Soprano Saxophone 2017 Propulsive, unpredictable, extracted from UnControl
Asleep But Not Sleeping, Mundane Wonders, and Fear of Routine 10 minutes Solo piano 2017 Triptych of solo piano works. Impressionistic, contemplative, and rhythmically complex
Goodbye Gilda 5 minutes Harp, bass trombone 2016 Frantic, lyrical duet inspired by Gilda Radner
Streetbaunk 8 minutes Orchestra (3332/4231/timp/4perc/strings) 2016 Action-packed show piece with jazz harmonies and groovy syncopations
The 90 3 minutes French horn, alto saxophone, marimba 2016 Short, exciting chamber piece
What You Think When You're Alone 8 minutes Soprano saxophone, alto flute, bass clarinet, bassoon, vibraphone, harp, viola, contrabass 2015 Difficult, jazzy chamber piece
Bohemian Dance 2 minutes Orchestra (2222/2231/timp/perc/strings) 2015 Arrangement of Debussy piano piece
Morning Paddle on Misty Source 5 minutes Bass clarinet, piano 2015 Lyrical duet
Heist Preludes 8 minutes String quartet 2015 7 diverse programmatic preludes
Dead Serious 2 hours 2 violins, tenor sax (double alto), piano,electric guitar, bass, drums, 3 female vocalist, 3 male vocalists 2014 2 act jazz musical comedy
Pre-Lungs 5 minutes Fixed media 2013 Electronic music, used as pre-show music for theater piece
Nickel City 5 minutes Big band 2012 Up-tempo modern big band chart
Persistence 9 minutes Soprano sax, vibraphone, flute, bass clarinet 2011 3 movement chamber suite
Adrift 2 minutes Soprano and piano 2011 Art song with text by Emily Dickinson
Never Hit the Ground 5 minutes Big band 2011 Funky big band chart
Whiteout 3 minutes Violin, melodica, electric guitar, baritone saxophone 2010 3 movement chamber suite
Pirates 5 minutes Piano 2009 Simple solo piano work
Score to 1001 Arabian Nights 2 hours Glockenspiel, melodica, drums, chorus 2009 Incidental music for a 2 act play

Jazz Lead Sheets

All lead sheets are available for download upon request

Title Arrangement? Description
Nearly Casual Complex, syncopated, up
Complexion (A Zulu Love) Arrangement of Kendrick Lamar tune
Duet for the End of Time Reharm of title them from Chrono Trigger
Rust Top Latin / fusion jam
Woods Hole Shorter-esque ballad
Nickel City Suite 3 movements (dirge, up, ballad)
Needlessly Talking, Watching Swinging vocal tune
Mistral Vocal ballad
Mistakes Melancholy ballad or samba
My Middle C Samba
Can't Stay Fast waltz
Toxic Britney Spears reharm
My One and Only Love Guy Woods reharm
It Wasn't Me Shaggy reharm and arrangement
Don't Stop Me Now Queen reharm
Megaton Rock Reharm and arrangement of title track from Fallout 3
New Bark Town Slow funk reharm of New Bark Town from Pokemon Gold/Silver
Drunk Logistics Fast samba blues (from musical Dead Serious)
Scajaquada Dark Afro-Cuban 6/8 (from musical Dead Serious)
Sitting Down Lyrical ballad (from musical Dead Serious)